About Me

My name is Kelly Waters, founder and creator of Sweet Waters Child Care. After much thoughtful hard work, Sweet Waters opened its doors in fall of 2009. It has been a wonderful and truly magical experience working with these young children!

I believe strongly in the protection of early childhood.  I strive to create an environment worthy of the child's imitation. I deeply value and nurture the child's innate capacity for wonder, reverence and awe. 

Sweet Waters Child Care is a licensed daycare of Hennepin County. We follow all county and state guidelines for the health and safety of all children enrolled. I am certified in both CPR and first aid.


 What is Waldorf?

I have been a part of the Waldorf community for over 15 years. My children have gone to Spring Hill Waldorf School and City of Lakes Waldorf School, early childhood through 8th Grade. As the beauty of the pedagogy has unfolded before me, I never cease to be amazed!

Founded by Austrian Philosopher Rudolf Steiner in 1919, the Waldorf curriculum is truly unique in its approach to education — perceiving the whole being (the heart, head and hands). 

Steiner recognized the young child learns primarily through imitation and example, with play being the form in which this is expressed. Therefore, Steiner recognized the great importance of play and saw it as the true 'work' of childhood. The academic is postponed until grade school when the child is surely ready for more abstract thinking. Waldorf Education is the fastest growing education in the world and is taught in early childhood all the way through to High School.

Why Waldorf Works will provide you everything you need to know about Waldorf Education.

If you have any questions about me or Waldorf Education, please feel free to give me a call, 612-207-1007.