Creative Play

Young children have an intimate connection to their surroundings. What they encounter makes a deep impression. At Sweet Waters, great care is taken to create an environment that is peaceful and calm, where order and beauty prevail. This type of atmosphere profoundly supports the child's health and well-being.


Creative play is the medium through which the child learns and lives joyfully. Sweet Waters provides ample free play, both in and out of doors. Our space is filled with natural materials, cotton play cloths, silks, wooden blocks, shells and stones. This allows the child's imagination to create the play, not the toy telling the child what to do, say or press. 


Sweet Waters is always media free. The presence of television and other media in the young child's life can be clearly experienced in their play. In a world full of so many distractions, it is refreshing to have a place that allows the eye to rest upon simple things.