Young children respond strongly to rhythm and structure. Rhythm gives the child a security by allowing them to know what to expect throughout the day. This security and settling of the child helps lessen behavior challenges as well. Therefore, Sweet Waters builds a strong rhythm into its daily program, while performing activities that draw attention to the larger seasonal changes. Through this, the child's feelings for the cycles of life and nature are strengthened. In later years, this feeling may sustain a sense of wellbeing and a connection to the natural world.



Sweet Waters Daily Rhythm:

• Arrival time
• Creative Free Play
• Tidy Away
• Circle Time
• Bathroom Break/Washing Hands
• Morning Snack
• Outside Play
• Bathroom Break/Washing Hands
• Lunch
• Half Day Goodbyes
• Story Time
• Nap/Quiet Time
• Tidy Away
• Bathroom/Washing Hands
• Afternoon Snack
• Outside Play
• Full Day Goodbye