3 Must Reads for Parents of Young Children

Posted 9/17/2012

Hello Families,

Here are 3 of my must reads. There are thousands of parenting books, however these are some of the most thoughtful and wise books out there.  They offer parents a deep understanding of children and their needs, not only the physical but emotional and spiritually life as well.  When my children were small, I remember the sense I had when reading thoughtful books like these.  It always gave me fresh wind in my sails, more tools for my basket and kept me generally sane, as an at home, working mom of two.  Enjoy, your children will thank you!


#1.  Beyond the Rainbow Bridge, Author Barbara J. Patterson and Pamela Bradley


#2.  You are Your Child's First Teacher: What Parents Can Do With and For Their Children from Birth to Age Six, Author Rahima Baldwin Dancy.



#3.  Heaven on Earth, Author Sharifa Oppenheimer