The Art of Waiting and the Young Child

Posted 12/9/2012

Here at Sweet Waters Childcare we believe strongly in the age old art of waiting. Never before have we had so much right at our fingertips. But why you ask is waiting so important? Isn't it just a big waste of time? Quite on the contrary, waiting builds strong character, it forces us to dig deep. This is especially true for the young child.  

 When it is snack time at Sweet Waters, it isn't just lickety-split, here's your food, dig in. It takes time, we.... peel the apples, cut the apples, fill our pot, the smell of apples and cinnamon fill the air and our noses, if we wish Ms. Kelly will bring down the pot to peek in at the apples slowing turning into apple sauce. Our room has been tidy, the bathroom boat has returned, we set our table with care, everyone with an important job to do then we.... WAIT... to be served thinking to ourselves "Oh it smells so good, oh it is so close, oh this one is for me!" but still we wait until all friends have been served and Ms Kelly sings "Hands together, hands together, I see Saige's, I see Jor­­­dyn's, I see.." then we have our blessing and NOW we may eat our homemade, warm, oh so delicious apple sauce! What has the child learned from this? They have withheld a desire, they have dug deep within themselves NOT to act. And we do this act of waiting over and over again. 

  Once a child had been coming to Sweet Waters for awhile and knows the ropes, I see them become very comfortable with waiting, satisfied with being still, they will even help others who have forgotten their Meal Time Manners. So the next time your child is reaching, asking or trying to do something... Wait don't jump right up to rescue them (unless of coarse it is unsafe) Allow them to step back, to wiggle or squirm, to find a different way and finally they get (or not, it may take weeks, months) what they are after all themselves. What is so easy for us to grab, lift or move is one less time for them to figure out for themselves. My advice, watch and wait, your children will definitely amaze you (as they have me). And when they turn to you after they have finally got success, you will see that deep rich character building at work in their faces.

Peace and Love to you and your family,

Kelly Waters