Posted 9/24/2012

Hello Families,

My name is Kelly Waters, founder and creator of Sweet Waters Childcare.  After much thoughtful hard work, Sweet Waters opened its doors in the fall of 2009.  It has been a wonderful and truly magical experience working with these young children!

Sweet Waters is a Waldorf inspired childcare in the heart of Excelsior, Minnesota.  We believe strongly in the protection of early childhood.  We strive to create an environment worthy of the child's imitation.  We deeply value and nurture the child's innate capacity for wonder, reverence and awe.  

With the new creation of Sweet Songs, I look to give parents some great resources about Waldorf Education and what can be done at home to bring this truly thoughtful and nurturing approach to your parenting.  If you have topic ideas, please let me know.  Thank you and I am very excited to be launching this wonderful monthly newsletter!

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3 Must Reads for Parents of Young Children

Posted 9/17/2012

Hello Families,

Here are 3 of my must reads. There are thousands of parenting books, however these are some of the most thoughtful and wise books out there.  They offer parents a deep understanding of children and their needs, not only the physical but emotional and spiritually life as well.  When my children were small, I remember the sense I had when reading thoughtful books like these.  It always gave me fresh wind in my sails, more tools for my basket and kept me generally sane, as an at home, working mom of two.  Enjoy, your children will thank you!


#1.  Beyond the Rainbow Bridge, Author Barbara J. Patterson and Pamela Bradley


#2.  You are Your Child's First Teacher: What Parents Can Do With and For Their Children from Birth to Age Six, Author Rahima Baldwin Dancy.



#3.  Heaven on Earth, Author Sharifa Oppenheimer

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