Going to Sweet Waters Childcare is not like going to any other child care. It is like going to a special world that is calm, serene, peaceful and playful all at the same time. Kelly's space is magical, clean, inviting and warm all at the same time. Dropping off your child with Kelly feels like leaving them in the comforting arms of another mother, not at all like dropping them off at a sterile 'other' place. Her outdoor garden and play space are also magical, like the world of fairies and gnomes, it seems to be a space that is just so expansive and wonderful that the children are never bored. My son loves going to Ms. Kelly's so much, he wants summer to come so he can once again go to her wonderful world that she has created. Truly a wonderful child care. You would never regret bringing your child to Sweet Waters!

Laurie, mother of Jared age 7


Discovering Sweet Waters was like being given a very special gift. Kelly nurtures children in so many ways. We really appreciate the love and caring that goes into every minute of every day. We love that our daughter has so much room to be creative and imaginative and to explore her interests. Kelly makes every effort to have the children be outdoors living and being in their environment. We saw our daughter blossom under Kelly's care and we love what she brings home from Kelly's influence. We trust her completely! Kelly is also great to work in terms of pure logistics -- she's so flexible with hours and scheduling. 

Susan, mother of Amy, age 5


Sweet Waters child care is a beautiful home away from home for our daughter. The children are given time and space to explore childhood in a natural way and to interact with other children on a respectful, peaceful level. Kelly is a nurturing caregiver and we can fully trust in her.

Melissa and Barry, parents of Sai age 3


I feel such a great peace of mind when I leave my daughter at Sweet Waters childcare. Not only does she love going there, but I know for sure she is getting the best care possible. Kelly has an amazing, calming presence, while at the same time maintaining structure and keeping things running smoothly. Her space is lovely, both indoors and outdoors, with all natural toys and healthy organic snacks. Kelly is kind, gentle, and lets kids be kids, while still holding loving limits. We couldn't ask for a better childcare, it is almost better than home! Thank you Kelly!

Monika, mother of Vivienne age 3