Little girl playing on tree
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Little boy looking at tree blooms

A Waldorf Inspired Childcare Program in the Heart of Excelsior

Welcome to Sweet Waters Childcare. We are a Waldorf inspired childcare program that offers thoughtful, loving care to children ages two thru seven years old. We embrace play-based learning and deeply value time spent in nature. The blend of mixed ages, in a beautiful home setting, creates a family-like atmosphere, therefore, making Sweet Waters the perfect stepping stone from home life to a larger school setting.

The essence of our work, is to preserve the innocence and innate wonder of early childhood. We do this by creating a magical, loving environment where children can engage in lots of creative free play – the foundation for academic learning and the true ‘work’ of the young child.

We give families an alternative from a traditional preschool or home daycare. Honoring their values by offering wholesome, organic foods, ample outdoor play, a beautiful space filled with natural materials and an abundance of natural light.

Sewing hand bag
Kids playing in kitchen
finding new seeds

Education of the whole child - head, heart & hands

Waldorf Education thoroughly supports this magical time of early childhood by surrounding the child with a world full of truth, goodness and beauty. Coming from a place of these three virtues, enables the child to feel safe and secure, while keeping the dreaminess of childhood intact. This protective and nurturing environment allows the child’s imagination to fully develop and flourish.

Kids playing in river
Kids playing together in dirt
Child dirty from playing in dirt

Spending time in nature, every single day

Kids sitting at table together

The dramatic seasonal changes here in Minnesota, provide a wonderfully rich experience for all to behold. We spend a hearty amount of time outdoors in all types of weather. We often eat our lunches and afternoon snack outside at our beautiful, homemade table. The children love to sit upon their stump and enjoy a meal with friends. All this wonderful play on the earth under the open sky, supports the child in feeling a great sense of freedom while being strongly rooted in our daily rhythm. 

Boy playing on tree in snow
Kids building Snowman
Girl in tree

Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, and send them forth in freedom.

- Rudolf Steiner