Child playing on tire swing
Boy with leaf crown
table set for kids to cook

About Us

After much thoughtful, hard work, Sweet Waters Childcare opened its door in the fall of 2009. It is located in a home however with its very own special space, a secluded entrance and an enchanting backyard. A little hidden gem in the heart of Excelsior.

We are open Monday through Friday, from 8:30 to 4:30, throughout the year. Families may register for half-day (8:30-1:00) or full-day, choosing the days that work best for them. Sweet Waters offers a School Year Program and a Summer Program, with a weekly day at the beach, a summertime favorite. We offer families a trial period to ensure that both the child and program are thriving together, thus creating a wonderful partnership between Sweet Waters and the families we serve.

Sweet Waters Childcare offers care for children 2 thru 7 years old. Our rates are $40 for half days and $60 for full days. Invoices are sent out monthly and are due upon receipt. A registration fee is due for each program upon acceptance, this will secure your child's spot.

Child playing on tire swing
Boy with leaf crown
table set for kids to cook

Waldorf Education

Founded in 1919 by Austrian philosopher, Rudolf Steiner, Waldorf Education, takes a holistic approach to learning. The key aspects of early childhood are activities rich in nature, a setting worthy of imitation and imaginative creative play. This inner process of support and love, keeps the child’s natural learning curiosity intact, engaged and strengthened. As a result, they will go out into the world with a true passion for discovery and learning.

This fully integrated approach, must be supported at home. That way, a bridge will be created to provide a harmonious experience for the young child.

Creative Play

At the heart of our early childhood program, is creative play. This self-initiated play is the medium through which the child learns and lives joyfully. We provide ample time for free play each day. We fill the space with open-ended toys made from natural materials. This allows the child's imagination to create the play and not a plastic toy telling the child what to do, say, or press. Through imaginative play, all of the child’s developing senses are nourished. Long spans of uninterrupted play allow the child to flex their creative muscles, establish new abilities and really get into that rich deep play.

Always Media Free

Childhood is a magical time. Young Children learn in very specific, dream-like way; which is why Sweet Waters Childcare is always media free. The presence of media/screen-time, in the young child's life can clearly be experienced in their play. Instead of that play coming from the immediate world around them, it comes from an outside source, that is often fast paced and unsettling. In a world full of so many distractions, it is refreshing to have a place that allows the child to be and the eye to rest upon simple things

For the Love of Stories

Fairytales are food for the child’s soul. They speak to the child’s innate sense of truth and justice and give ample opportunity for imaginative growth. Stories provide a rich language of symbols to allow the child to create their own inner pictures. As the child grows, this love of stories blossoms into a love of language and literature. The child’s vocabulary is enriched and a lifelong relationship with literacy begins.

Seasonal Crafts of Beauty

Our crafts are made of beautiful, natural materials. Sometimes they take a great deal of time, but when the child is finished and brings them home, the joy and pride of all that hard work, shines on their face. Our crafts turn out so lovely, they are cherished for years to come.

Handcrafted decoration
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Happy little girl with craft
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Our Daily Rhythm

Young children thrive in a world of rhythm and structure. Rhythm gives children security by allowing them to know what to expect throughout the day. This security and settling of the child, helps lessen behavioral challenges as well. At Sweet Waters Childcare, we build a strong daily rhythm into our program, while drawing attention to the larger seasonal changes. This process strengthens the child’s natural connection to the cycles of life and to Mother Nature. In later years, this feeling will sustain a sense of well-being and a connection to the natural world.

Morning Welcomes

Inside free play

Tidy Away

Circle Time

Morning Snack

Outside Free Play

Lunch often outside

Half-Day Goodbyes

Foot Baths

Sweet Lullaby

Candle Blessing


Nap/Quiet Time


Afternoon Snack Often Outside

Outside Play

Full-Day Goodbyes

About Me

Hello, my name is Kelly Waters, creator and provider at Sweet Waters Childcare. I love spending my day in this magical world of early childhood. The children bring such wonder and joy to my life. I love all the families who have crossed over our threshold these past 12 years!

My purpose here at Sweet Waters Childcare, is to provide a nurturing space, a strong rhythm and an environment worthy of the child’s imitation. I firmly believe in preserving the innocence and innate wonder of early childhood. I deeply value the child’s innate capacity for wonder, reverence, and awe.

I have been a part of the Waldorf Community for over 21 years. My children attended both Spring Hill Waldorf School and City of Lakes Waldorf School, from early childhood through eighth grade. I will never forget my first time in a Waldorf classroom, seeing that beautiful space, I knew I found a wonderful school for my children and a wonderful community for my family.

When I am not with the children, I enjoy yoga, gardening, cooking, reading, meditating, Pilates, breathwork, running, long walks and spending time with my family. I believe if I take really good care of myself, I bring that balanced, centered self to each child, each and every day.

Fully Licensed in Hennepin County

Sweet Waters Childcare is a licensed home daycare in Hennepin County. We follow all the county and state guidelines for the health and safety of all of the children in our care. We are certified in both CPR and first aid. We complete sixteen hours on safety, supervision and child development each year.

Family Testimonials

"Going to Sweet Waters Childcare is not like going to any other child care. It is like going to a special world that is serene, peaceful, and playful all at the same time. Kelly’s space is magical, clean, inviting and warm. Dropping off your child with Kelly feels like leaving them in the comforting arms of another mother. Their outdoor garden and play space are also magical, like the world of fairies and gnomes. My son loves going to Ms. Kelly’s so much, he wants summer to come so he can once again go to her wonderful world that she has created. A truly wonderful child care. You would never regret bringing your child to Sweet Waters!"

Laurie, mother of Jared, age 7

"Sweet Waters Childcare is the ideal place we had hoped to find. After trying out the areas two most well known options and being highly disappointed, we toured Sweet Waters and instantly got ourselves onto the waiting list. It took a while to get in but it was worth it. It’s a special place with good daily structure, activities and influences. Ms. Kelly is very helpful along the way with tips for clothing for outside play in all weather, things to be thinking about with season changes, etc. I can’t imagine a better place. Thank you Sweet Waters Childcare!"

Nick, father of Yuliya, age 4

"Sweet Waters Childcare is the only place we would send our children. The loving care, holistic perspective, real food and daily outside time are just a few of the things we love."

Nichi, mother of Odin, age 5

"Sweet Waters has been a breath of fresh air for our family. Loving, supportive and nurturing in the most beautiful ways. Our two daughters love exploring the space inside and out that Ms. Kelly has created and genuinely look forward to seeing their friends there every day. We feel so lucky to have found such a safe, mindful and intentional childcare environment!!"

Val, mother of Birdie age 2 and Aggie age 5